How Are the Objectives Met?

We hold quarterly Therapeutic team meetings where all of the role players discuss the plans, interventions and referrals of the children. It is here where joint decisions have played a major role in the success of the programme and eventually reunification of the children with the community.
We utilize the services of volunteers – high school children are encouraged to do their community projects at St George’s. The Volunteer Program is in place for a few years and has proved to be very successful as we’ve had volunteers from Holland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, USA, Switzerland and England.

Our objective is to bring wholeness and healing to the child and the family. The child could be reunified with her family and returned to the community of origin. The challenge is to equip the child with the necessary skills to master her life situation whilst offering the family new skills as part of the reconstruction and development of that family unit. The interests of the child are always of paramount importance. We place an emphasis on education and utilize the services of volunteer tutors to assist us.

How Funding is utilized

We have different projects with its budgets and line items. The following is a brief overview of how we use the funds:
• Food and catering
• Clothing and shoes
• School clothing, fees, extramural activities
• Transport and transport cost
• Medical and Therapeutic services
• Other services such as admin and maintenance, salaries etc

Wish List:

We do have a needs list that we provide to Donors.


The Residential Care Project is seen as a core part of our program. The services are both preventative, curative and under constant evaluation and redesigned in order to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and community. Testimony to this is the number of children reunified with families and communities of origin each year.

We aim to continue to render the best possible service to our clients knowing that the outcome will only contribute positively towards their lifestyle.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to call me on 021 797 0262 / 92.
PS! The Centre’s financials are audited by an independent audit company. The auditors are Brown Associates. Annual Financial Statements are available upon request.