The Residential Care Program

The Residential Care Program is the Core Program which includes the following:
• Individual Treatment Care Plans of residential children
• Referral to specialized services in the community
• Life Skills Programs
• Educational Programs in the community.
• Sports and Recreation
• Religious guidance with the help of Emmanuel church.

These children need special intervention and the dedicated staff and therapeutic team are committed to providing for their psychological, social, emotional, spiritual and cognitive needs.

Additional programs:
• Family Reunification Program: The program is aimed at restoring family ties and reintegrating children back into their families and communities as soon as possible.
• Transition to Independence Programme: Assisting young with skills programmes to prepare them for when they have to exit the centre.
• Tutor Programme: We utilize the services of volunteers to assist us with educational tutoring of the girls.
• Hosting Program: Screening and training of future Foster parents.